Saturday, November 6, 2010

what happen today??

so here's the thing
I am suppose going out with dayah n sahabat
and we did go to midvalley
but the truth is,
this morning when I woke up I felt so sick
not that I'm going to sick or what so ever
I don't know
I'm not in the mood to go to mid
and seriously..
if not because of someone that I should meet at mid
I have already cancelled my idea..
and thanks to dayah because being there with me

so there we are at midvalley
around 12 noon I met him
as he said before
he did brought his 3 other friends..fuhh
he asked me to have lunch
but I was still feeling sick
and plus a little bit "cuak" because I'm the only girl with them
but thank Allah..dayah and sahabat came to join with us
they sure help me at that time

but then after lunch..they left me with the guys
lme jgk la lpak kt foodcourt 2..melangut je kt situ haha
and then adil wanna buy me some ice-cream
lpas lunch mkn ice-cream plak
haha..but I demand..instead of ice-cream I wanna mcflurry..hee
so he bought it..and we shared it..because I way too full..haha

and the worst part it..
I just followed them all around the mid
and it was EXHAUSTED...haha
and then we went to jusco
his frens wanna buy some food I guess
and believe me or not..lme gle dorg shopping mkanan..
ingtkn guys kejap je shopping..haila2
but then adil n me just sat at jusco while waiting for his frens
and that time things getting okay
I dont feel sick anymore
and I did have a good time with him
cume penat gler jew..haihh

so before 3 pm,
we went to mph
adil wanna send me off to dayah haha
yela...dorg nk bilik dh..xkn nk tinggal aku sorg2 mcm tu je kn
so I called dayah and ask her to meet me at mph
dy sempat la teman kjap and of course la kwn2 dy tu pon ikut skali
anyway..overall I enjoyed it:)

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