Monday, November 29, 2010


these few days make me feel sick
miss my home badly
but seems that it will takes longer time for me to come home

to make me forget about it
I spend my time with my friends
being with them make me forget about home
big smile to my friends

Saturday, November 27, 2010

to a friend of mine

this entry is for you...
dear you..

we were closed last time
I can't deny it

you called me mostly every night
you wake me up every sahur time
you are a good listener and advisor too
and you did help me a lot

but I made a mistake
and you are wondering why we are not close anymore
do believe me
losing a friend is the last thing I want in life

so it's time for me to explain

I'm not a good person for you
I was afraid that I disturb you with your girl
which I'm not so sure you have it one or not
and it was also because you text other girls too
so I stop contact with you
and I am not blamed you at all
then at that time I think you don't need me anymore

but then I realized
I am easily close with you at first
because I was lonely not because I want to be a friend with you
and it kills me because it seems like I was being jerk
and looks like I was using you
so I stopped

so here in an appropriate way
I'm asking for apologize
for being a terrible friend to you
and I really hope that we can still be a friend

again dont be lame girl

I miss my home
I miss my room
I miss mom's cook

out of the blue

Friday, November 26, 2010

i wish

how I wish that I could buy a cute little blouse
not so fancy
not so colorful
but it suites me well
n also look decent hahaha

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tag oh tag

I never done this..but seems my good fren tag me this which is farhanom husna
so dgn hati yg ikhlas aku jwb la erk..haha

apa benda yang paling penting dalam hidup korang?

benda terakhir korang beli menggunakan duit sendiri?
baju kurung cotton kt giant jew...haha

adakah korang bercinta sekarang?
okaaayhhh.....saya cinta mama n papa saya..tett~

berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih equal to suami korang?
insyaAllah until death apart us..n smpai akhirat jgk...-_-

dimana korang akan jumpa kekasih korang?
xpernah tfikir larh...

novel/buku/ majalah yang terakhir korang beli?

apa nama penuh korang?
fatin nur haiyam bt ahmad suzaime..penuh x tuh?? lalala

antara mak dan ayah korang, yang mana korang lebih mesra?
xnk pilih2..saya tamak haloba..saya nak dua2 jgak

dimanakah tempat betul2 korang nak pegi?
karambunai island..haha

pilih salah satu, peluk atau cium?
err...xde motif..

beritahu 3 benda tentang orang yang tag korang?
kwn saya, org perak,dy xpernah lpa ttg saya..and im appreciate that

5 benda yang korang sayang sangat2 dalam hidup korang?
-that big teddy bear
-jaket jeans saya..xtau kenape
-i/c n lesen keta..lalala

bila tarikh lahir korang dan kat mana korang sambut tahun lepas?
16 November 1992...kat umah n sekola...dkat2 spm plak tuh kn..-_____-

5 orang blogger yang korang nak tag?
-fatin leyana rosley
-hairunnisa yusof
-nazihan athirah abd wahab
-najibah yahya
-nadiatul ajeerah


Monday, November 22, 2010

lost my mind

statement 1 : I know I have to make a decision fast
statement 2 : I hate making choices
conclusion : I need a break and probably back off

pen off~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

kids are cute but...

haha...regarding this title
this few days I spend my holidays with eidlan hakimi
a 3 year old boy
which is cute and seems a very pleasant
but of course
he's a kid right
babysitting him was tiring
believe me...he is very active boy
and he's little brother
eiman hadi...(did I spell it right?? hurm..)
he was soo damn cute
today was he's 7 day after he was born
and I was so excited that I could hold him twice
that baby is so me....2.4 kg fuhh
I love the smell of baby..heee

I stll can't believe that I can handle those kids

Saturday, November 20, 2010


im sorry if i hurt u before

Friday, November 19, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm nobody without you, mama!!

ding dong ding dong
its 12 am
and here I am becoming 18 years old officially
however this entry is actually not for me
its for my mom

hey madam teti rozi,
I know that I'm not a very good daughter to you
and sometimes I think I am worthless
I done nothing that you can be proud on me
and I realize sometimes I hurt you
maybe a lot I guess..

so mom..wanna know something
every time you get hurt because of me
I really wanna give you thousands of novels for a present
because I know you love to read novels
so that you can smile again

every time you upset because of me
I really wish I am the best writer in the world
so that I can write a book for you
because I know one of your dream is going to be a writer
and I wanna see your smile again

every time you mad on me
I wish I have a lot of money
so that I can build a glass house like you always dream about
because I know you will be happy again

I know sometimes I didn't listen to you
I know I hurt you always
I know I disappointed you most
and I know I never make you happy with me

I do realize all of that
but I dunno know how to say sorry
or to say that I love you most
because I dunno how to impress my feelings or my regrets for hurting you
but do believe me mama,
I never wanna it too
I never wanna hurt you or disappointed you ever

So here I am
on my own birthday
I wish a very thank you for you
for giving birth to me
for raising me well enough
since 16 November 1992 until today 16 November 2010
you have done a great job,mother
you have been the most incredible person in my life
and I realize I rarely saying to you that actually
I am PROUD to be your daughter
I LOVE you more than myself
and I wanna you know
that I trying my best to make you happy
I'm trying the best I could to make you proud me even once
and I am going to try harder to get good results
so that you will never be ashamed to tell everyone that I'm your daughter

For 18 years
you have been my best friend ever
you have been a good listener
you have been a good counselor
you have been a good cooker
you have been a good doctor
and you have always being there all the time

so here mom
I hope that
you are still willing to being there with me in the next
18 years..insy in ALLAH's willing
so that there will be one moment that you will be happy and proud with me

from deep in my heart..
once again I LOVE YOU MOM..
your first daughter..

(how I wish you will read this
because I really dunno how to say sorry and all those things in front of you)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

hee..sorry to you a story
he text me this afternoon
he said he wanna meet me
at midvalley again
and as I said..I'm not in da mood
so at last he accepted it
soon enough..
I asked him whether have he going back or not
and he said his bus is on night
there I know that tonight he will going back to his hometown
he said again
he took the night bus because wanna see me first
I never think about that
I'm really sorry..
next time larh k..
sorry I'm disappointed you

keep your head into the game

chemistry ohh chemistry..
come on fatin!!
focus larh....haha:p

to the most important person

for hurting you

Friday, November 12, 2010

crying is lame

before I start..lets laugh about this
yeahh..believe or not I did cry just now
and it was unexpected haha
I meant crying in front of my roommates goshh
I never imagine that hurmm

kak syud ckp "alamak..dlm hati ade taman rupenya"
Im sorry ok!! I dunno how to impressed my feelings!!
and I really lame about all those mushy little feelings neh
for a joke I might be okayh..

so wanna know why I cried
I cried because of one of my roommate have to move to the other room
because her friend needs a company..
and unbelievable right
fatin!! you really cried because of her huh
haha..yupp i did..:p
I am bad on showing love or care on someone
but I admit the room will not be the same without her
even I always 'kenakan dia' haha

and I still can't believe I really cried for that small thing
n yet..who knows..I might actually crying for other things..
-______- and Im glad I did it..
its been awhile actually...haha

Thursday, November 11, 2010


matric card [check]
tudung labuh enough [check]

p/s: ini dh kre ikut law kn mdam?? lalala

Sunday, November 7, 2010

for you..

good luck for your final exam!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

what happen today??

so here's the thing
I am suppose going out with dayah n sahabat
and we did go to midvalley
but the truth is,
this morning when I woke up I felt so sick
not that I'm going to sick or what so ever
I don't know
I'm not in the mood to go to mid
and seriously..
if not because of someone that I should meet at mid
I have already cancelled my idea..
and thanks to dayah because being there with me

so there we are at midvalley
around 12 noon I met him
as he said before
he did brought his 3 other friends..fuhh
he asked me to have lunch
but I was still feeling sick
and plus a little bit "cuak" because I'm the only girl with them
but thank Allah..dayah and sahabat came to join with us
they sure help me at that time

but then after lunch..they left me with the guys
lme jgk la lpak kt foodcourt 2..melangut je kt situ haha
and then adil wanna buy me some ice-cream
lpas lunch mkn ice-cream plak
haha..but I demand..instead of ice-cream I wanna mcflurry..hee
so he bought it..and we shared it..because I way too full..haha

and the worst part it..
I just followed them all around the mid
and it was EXHAUSTED...haha
and then we went to jusco
his frens wanna buy some food I guess
and believe me or not..lme gle dorg shopping mkanan..
ingtkn guys kejap je shopping..haila2
but then adil n me just sat at jusco while waiting for his frens
and that time things getting okay
I dont feel sick anymore
and I did have a good time with him
cume penat gler jew..haihh

so before 3 pm,
we went to mph
adil wanna send me off to dayah haha
yela...dorg nk bilik dh..xkn nk tinggal aku sorg2 mcm tu je kn
so I called dayah and ask her to meet me at mph
dy sempat la teman kjap and of course la kwn2 dy tu pon ikut skali
anyway..overall I enjoyed it:)

Friday, November 5, 2010

i love them...

so here's da thing

smlm bkn maen cuak la kan
sbb tkut mama mrh aku nk kluar esk
so end up I called papa this afternoon
I meant I asked papa to call me
then..ble papa called je
xsempat nk say hello or what
papa trus ckp xbleh kluar
but then here's da thing
I am my dad's daughter
so I know..
he will give me da permission
and he did..
so I didn't talk to my mom at all
but I know my dad told her straight away
love them so much
thanks papa n mama!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

aduh..saya rindu mereka

alamak..mcm mne neh

mcm mne nk ckp kt mama neh
mcm mne nk ckp aku nk kluar sabtu neh
mama mesti bising....
cnfirm2 pnye...
aiyokkk...mcm mne nk bg ayat kt mama neh..
any idea guys??