Sunday, November 27, 2011

new hijrah

change is not easy
and the effort to change needs a courage
for that I also need to change
so I decided
untuk hijrah kpd sesuatu yang baru

for this new chapter
I will try my best to improve my iman
get close to Him
kurangkan lagha dalam hidup :)
lepaskan perkara yang belum pasti
kejar pada kemampuan diri sendiri
I wanna improve my studies
nak target tinggi untuk cgpa nanti

I know its hard to fulfill them but I know its not impossible

salam hijrah people

"Baby" ... on RECORDER?!?!

he is so talented
and of course so cute!!!

check this out peeps

Friday, November 25, 2011


hah alhamdullilah everything was done
dah sunat dah pon
terbaik la danish..
im proud wit u

anyway happy birthday to my bestfren nazihan athirah
luv u larh
seronok yee celebrate dgn boifren
untung la sob3

Thursday, November 17, 2011

make a wish

time flies faster than I thought
one day I woke up, I was so excited of my newborn brother
and that was seven years ago

one day I woke up,I was hanging out with my friends at SMAKH
and that was four years ago

one day I woke up, I was so nervous because of SPM exam
and that was two years ago

and today I woke up
I am nineteen

a lot of emotion happened
and because of that
tears can burst out

for all the wishes and doa
thank you so much
may ur life be blast

I may look like in secondary school
and yeah I can wear my 7 year old brother's slipper
my 14 year old sister might look more mature than me
but baby
I am so mature than the way I look (I guess so)

I have being alive for 19 years
I wish the best for my life and my family
I wish I never hurt anyone's feeling

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cody Simpson - Not Just You [Official Video]

OMG he is so cute haha
and i love this song

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

she just a girl #1

She's very close to her family. Most of every things she she share with her mommy and daddy. It took nearly 7 years she being alone with her parents, no wonder sometimes she kind the spoiled. To her, the greatest things that she ever have is her parents and her family. Whatever it is family comes first. She will do anything just wanna see her family happy.

She have been growing up perfectly. Well not like everything was perfect. But somehow we can say she is in very good condition. She was a good student with a good result. (but heyy, its not like all of her result was flying colours)
And she is in good health and being a nobody. Common peeps..this is not the story of beatiful, famous and hot girl ever. It just a about nobody. She just ordinary, normal and petite girl.This is just about her life, on how she's growing up.