Sunday, February 27, 2011

after some time

aduh penat
tgn merah2
kaki lenguh

setelah sekian lama
ptg td berbasikal kembali
jauh tuh pusing
neh sume si fahmi la tu punye keje
hasut mama soh pegi jauh2 sket

but at least
it was awesome
seronoknyea petang bersama org2 terchenta..
hek hek hek (iman's style)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

home sweet home


i'm HOME!!

its feel good to be home

till then
pen off~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


lunch for today
nasi+sup daging

-RM 1.60-

hahaha...i'm proud with myself

Monday, February 14, 2011

damn you!!

sometimes I really feel that I hate myself so much
seriously..but than I know its wrong to feel like that
and sometimes I really hope I can change things

haaahhh...forget it
let it go

pen off~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

annoying week

warning..this is again one of the randomly entry
so kalau rse xbrp rjin xyah ar bce kan

final is coming SOON
so now is study week
no class at all
hooraayyy to that
ble dh study week neh kan
suma org pkat pulun study la dlm bilik msing2
tp ad je blik umh
umah dorg dekat boleh la kan

so memandangkan xde kelas
kre alasan nk kuar bilik tu agk tipis la
mcm aku neh tgk mood la
ade hari rjin gle
smpai sanggup pegi kc(khadijah college)
siap squatting lg kan
tp ad hari tlampau mls tuh
smpai xkuar lgsung blik
haa mkn je la ap yg ad lam bilik tu kan
hahaha abes pemalas la tuh

bkn ape...few reasons xberape penting pon pi turun mkn kt cfe tuh
-mknan dy xde la sdap sgt pon
-ble smpai kt cfe je mesti xtau nk mkn ap sbb xde yg mnarik pon
-n kdg2 tpakse tunggu sejam lbih just to eat(hurm ish2)

so mcm xberbaloi sgt la kan

Saturday, February 5, 2011

wishing you

happy birthday mama!!
love u so much
its awful for me for not being there wit you on this special day
anyway wish you all the best in everything you do
you are the most sempoi momma in the world

step up 3

even cte neh dh lme sket kan..
yeah people...i just watched it
so what?!!

but I LIKE it
it was awesome
there's a lot of cool supra it this movie
saya suka sgt


dunno what should I write for this entry
anyway...its Chinese New Year
so Malaysian are on holiday
including me of course
but too bad I can't go home
neither back to pendang or kuala terengganu
plus there's only 4 days
so I guess it doesn't worthy at all
nanti penat je lebih
tapi tipu la kalau ckp sket pon xheran kalau xblik kan

turns out quite a lot of people who doesn't go home
so xde la rase seram ke hape ke kan
but then lights in the bathroom kind of freaky
dia idop segan mati xmau
kjap ad kjap xde
pelik aku..haihh

anyway this sunday I'm going out
but then I still didn't ask my parents yet
so I hope they give me a green light
wish me luck...

February is a special month
there are two person whom I love so much was born on this month
so sad bcoz I will not being there with them on the day itself

Thursday, February 3, 2011

owh please

help our Malaysian at Egypt
and also our Muslims at there

may Allah bless all of them

cool kan??

ladies in supra nmpk cool abes

see I told u right??

how about high-cut?? cool jugak...

coolio larh...
suke3x sgt....

nisa n aina ad ckp nk kasi supra birthday nnt..heee
korang jgn lpe tau..haha

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


tomorrow-quiz computer 2-programming(1 chapter tp byk gler)
wed- quiz computer 1(3 chapter)
dont know when-quiz chem(2 chapter)