Wednesday, September 29, 2010

death and life

they are connected
every single day people born and die
its depend on ourselves to realize it or not
I do scared when thinking of death
especially those people who I love
I can't imagine how the feeling
and I scared just thinking of it
but then I know
what ever it takes
soon it'll happen too
and when it comes
I really hope I can take it
and be strong to control it

to those who have lost someone
and especially hassan, a friend of mine who have lost his father
sorry to hear..
may Allah bless them all..

a big teddy from u

i luv it...thank u so much ;p

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

being honest is what i do

keeping secrets from my mom n dad is not my type
yeahh...i've no secrets with them
everything that happens in my life i told them
for me, my parents is da best person that i can share
my happiest n saddest moment that happen in my life
n im so lucky to hav them
may Allah bless them always..:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

enough is enough

dear myself,
this is a big issue
u should have known this in the first place
n u should stop
n again u make a mistake
big mistake

hey clumsy little girl,
please stop your
premature feeling
this is not the time
n that is the right person

so here the conclusion,
dont get urself into him
dont hold on to that guy
be mature
stop the nonsense feeling
dont be cheap
n enjoy ur time

p/s: now u do realize..=( huhu

Saturday, September 11, 2010

khas ditujukn kepade

dgn ini saya, tuan pnye blog yg xsberape nih
ingin mengucapkn

kpd mama n papa serta family, husband to be (keh3), boyfren yg sdg mncri (lalala), mber2 yg disenangi n also to those who read my blog( bajet ad la kan)

dtg la rye rumah di kuala terengganu
jgn tnye ble open house sbb umah sye sntiasa tbuka cume pgar je tertutup
hahaha :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

jelez ke??

zima prnah ckp yg dy xske jeles
n fyi,
i hate being jelez too..
so i told myself..
dont be jelez on smething that u dont sure
hee..n i try my best..huhu
but still jelez for NOTHING..huhh

i hav to confess
i do miss that voice
haihh..too bz being wit family or too bz texting smeone else
fuhh..again with that jelez tone..

ok2..come again..
focus ftin nur haiyam..
switch to study mode now!!

di pagi yg hening ini..

raya is coming so soon...
ary ni dh blik trgnu( my hometown)
lpas je shur..
papa xbg tdo dh..
trus siap2..
tp klau pndai mngelat bleh je tdo kjap..
hihi saye la tuh..
so ble dh btolak awl ni smpai awl la kn
around 3.30 pm tuh dh smpai umh..
our own house..
im so excited..sbb dh lme xblik trgnu
yela..duk kt pj tuh xpernh blik2 pon of cos la saye hepi
not becoz of nk rye..
but becoz of my bestfrens are here
im so exctd to meet them..hee

n ckp psal rye..
i heard one tazkirah in radio that day
hri rya ni untuk org islam raikn after bpose ni
n kte mesti la ziarah n mziarahi kaum krabat
so...kaum krabat huh??
ble fkir psal rye..bkn nk blame rye tp mesti akn jd smething
mesti ad issue yg akn came out
n that issue is the same issue that happen every rye
haha..(klau crite mmg korg xfhm, so klau nk tau..join la fmily sye..isi borg siap2 yea..hahaha)
so i really hope that this raya will be simple n xserabut2
n i hope this rya didn't spoil my mood
plus after rya break ni trus final exam
so dear little princess
(ble lg nk mngaku dri princess kn)
be prepared for rya n the exam!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

iman!! i hate u

xaci la korg
mesti ke outing lpas i dh BALIK!!
berdedikasi punye roomate!!
siap u guys nnt...