Saturday, May 29, 2010

cfs iium..

im miss '.........'
now in pj
course engin
zainab college

awk dh besaq la!!

mcm xsangke
kjap je mse berlalu
its time to leave da house
sedih bgai nk gilak
but then..
kte mest kne accept
whether u ready or not
awk dh besar!!
kne kuar dri bwh 'ketiak' mama jgak..
so now..
im in my new life
this new life depends to my future
pen off~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

its time

spread my wings...;p

one more day to go..

akhirnye smpai jgk seru sye...
bsyukur sgt2 ke hadrat ilahi
atas nikmat n peluang yg dberi
dont misunderstand okeh...
ini bkn soal nikah kwen ke ap...
dan xde kne mngena dgn yg idup n mati
so berbalik pd title entry nih
im leaving da house
n my family
to face da reality
"its time my sweet little angel"
bak kte err..dri sndri..haha
its time to plan da future
'pursue' my study
eceh2...tjumpe word bru tuh
new world new word
so long n farewell to all my fwens
tp xbermkne kne lost cntct btol2
so dear myself,
gudluck to you
be careful to da world
n study hard k
make your family proud wit u
n smile always....;D

Thursday, May 6, 2010

my girlfriends

dear my soul sisters...
im going to miss damn much
i already miss u guys..
da most enjoyable time is spending hours wit u guys
chat,on phone,hang out...
when im happy u're da 1st one im going to tell u da news
u're my shoulders when i cried
u're my listener to all of my problems
i share my happiness n sadness wit u
thank you!!
for being my good friends
n thank you for not hate me..:D
im sorry girls if i did smething that hurting u
i hope n i want to always be ur sister
wherever u are
u can always count on me
u can share wit me in any time
luv u so much dear...