Monday, August 30, 2010


he makes me crazy sometimes
he make me laugh
control urself
dont be overboard(bak kte aina)
i will...

but then...someone shows up
something is going to happen
i can feel it

pliz understand me
i dont want to hurt anyone...-_-


wah...mmg best btol duk umah
at last blik jgk
n im so hepi im at my home now
mkn byk doe
sbb hepi sgt kot
klau kt uia xmkn byk2 pon
mkn time bukak je la
n then enough
being wit family is da best part of da life

Friday, August 27, 2010


it was not as i expected
it was sucks
way too much
felt like an idiot
im quite disappointed
what a heck
dont care anymore..
biar dy la..
sy xnk amek tau dh bleh x??

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


sye nk nanges sgt2..
hold on gurl..
smile okeh!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

oh my...

nearly 3 months im in pj
xblik kedah lgsung
aptah lg trgnu
owhh..i miss my home so much

nearly 3 months jgak la aku xjejakkn kaki ku di dapur
ingt time cuti spm dlu..
mmg mama serah dapur tu kt aku larh
puan teti rozi..
ank dare awk dh lme xmemasak
agk2 dy pndai masak lg x??
owh mama!!
i miss my home
i miss my cooking n of course ur cooking too

hihihi...serious mama!!
nnt kalau kaklong dh x pndai masak
dont blame me k...hihi

ibah ckp rindu kuah singgang!!
owh no..tringin jgak!!
kuah singgang xkn lupe pnye...da basic thing..
agk2 makcik cafe kt bwh ni kasi pnjam x dpur dy

makcik!! saye nk pnjam dpur mkcik kjap bleh
nk msak kuah singgang n telur dadar
nk wat bukak pose..
da simple is da best!! hihihihi:p

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


mama n papa xbgik kluar outing
mmg nk nangis dowh...
ur little girl juz wanna have some life

im not really used to that



wahh..lme xupdate blog
lme kot..
sbb ap erk??
keje byk..presentation..newspapers
quizzes n tutor...
bln pose nih...mlm terawih...pg2 xlarat plak
eceh..blah la..
klau nk tulis blog mmg kne ad mood
im not da kind yg ske cite about my life every single day
bcoz my life don't have anything sweet n interesting
hehehe..think so..
but for me, it suits me well
i have my own story
happy,excited,sad,frust menonggeng n others
i wrote about what i want to write...
and i dont even care if there's anyone wanna read my blog or not
xkcau idup spe2 pon...:p

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself mood is unpredictable
2.da eldest one in my family
3.a very good listener but i cant solve my own probs window shopping and shopping
5.addicted to music a lot a very boring person
7.a newly heartbroken so crazy on mini cooper my frens a lot
10.danish adam is my little boyfren
11.i love ice blended
12.miss my home badly
13.currently in uia pj
14.i wanna buy dlsr happy when im really happy

p/s: ini hanyalah semate2 dsbbkn pngaruh cik iman
agk merapu jgk la yeaa..hahaha
so iman.,this is for u!!
owh yea..iman, i never put my own pic in here..
so this is enough is it?

the thing that i hate most

perlu ke kecoh2 psal hal ak?
i dont know what's wrong wit them
tp perlu ke dy jd busy body mcm tu
this is my life
dgn spe ak nk kwn
dgn spe ak xnk kwn
is that really bother them?
ak xkcw sket pon dy
ak xpduli pon psal dy..
hey u!! enough ok..
ak xtau la klau ko mmg jnis yg amek tau psal org
n then sbuk2 crita kt org laen
crite idup ak bkn utk dijual sne cni.,.
ko ad hak ke nk ckp2 psal ak...u're not even my fren
ak dh lyn baek..ko bwat mcm ni
d***!! i really hate u.....

stok makanan

smlm pegi jaya one ngn dyah( my roomate)
shopping utk stok mkanan
bab mkanan mmg cpt2 la kne beli
lg2 minggu ni xkuar mne2 pon sbb xde org
i mean mber2 yg laen mostly blik
so mmg xshock la kluar
even ad PC FAIR kt KLCC...
aiyooo...mmg nk sgt2 pegi...huhu
terkilan lar..(gye mcm thun ni je ad pc fair)
anyway these are the things that we bought
xde la byk sgt pon..lalalalala

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

i need a smile

should i??

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i'm not fragile

cry on!!

i cry on aina'shoulder
thanx my nisa also for being there
knp tbe2 nangis?
Ak sndri pon xtau..
I feel so stupid 4 cry about nothing
yeah..its nothing..let what hav done today become history..
Anyway..i feel slightly happy bcoz ad smeone sembg ngn ak..sket still, sket tu bleh wat ak lpe kjap ap yg ak rse..thanx;p