Saturday, November 27, 2010

to a friend of mine

this entry is for you...
dear you..

we were closed last time
I can't deny it

you called me mostly every night
you wake me up every sahur time
you are a good listener and advisor too
and you did help me a lot

but I made a mistake
and you are wondering why we are not close anymore
do believe me
losing a friend is the last thing I want in life

so it's time for me to explain

I'm not a good person for you
I was afraid that I disturb you with your girl
which I'm not so sure you have it one or not
and it was also because you text other girls too
so I stop contact with you
and I am not blamed you at all
then at that time I think you don't need me anymore

but then I realized
I am easily close with you at first
because I was lonely not because I want to be a friend with you
and it kills me because it seems like I was being jerk
and looks like I was using you
so I stopped

so here in an appropriate way
I'm asking for apologize
for being a terrible friend to you
and I really hope that we can still be a friend

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