Saturday, October 29, 2011


Tak semua kau rancang kan berlaku

Mungkin nasib tak menyebelahi aku

Entah mengapa engkau yang aku cinta

Mungkin lebih baik kau ku lepas saja

Friday, October 28, 2011

senyum lebar2 saya tak sabar

terengganu vs n.sembilan
haahh smangat
ary ni cpat2 siapkn keje sume
smangat nk tgk piala msia esk hihi
ermm ary isnin klau xde aral nk keluar pegi date !! hahaha

Hear a buzzing, high pitched noise in your ear? Irritating isn’t it! Fight the deadly dengue! #GanyangAedes

Hear a buzzing, high pitched noise in your ear? Irritating isn’t it! Fight the deadly dengue! #GanyangAedes

poor mama = poor me??

ok its been almost a month
I'm in my semester break
and since that I had never going out with my friends
and yet I didn't tell them that I am actually in Kedah right now
i don't know how to explain
but spending time at home is amazing

mom is busying with her phd
she spend most of the time in front of her laptop
and she decide to stop marking the pmr and spm exam paper
she needs to focus on her study
but last night she got a call from a friend
telling her that she have made a promise to mark the pmr paper
she was like a mess
she tried to ask few of her friends to replace her but none of them want it
so this morning mom had gone to the pmr meeting
poor her

and poor me too
big sigh
all this time
im being the temporary housewife
mom is getting more busy than before
and some goes to me

well i never expect that being a housewife
is very exhausted you know
i need to wake early morning everyday
prepare the breakfast
wash the clothes ( owh well of course i use the washine machine)
but i need to hang them
and then fold them
after that i need to clean tidy up the house
and then prepare for lunch
and of course wash the dishes
and then make sure danish take his shower after school
and also he will get very hungry
than i need to make sure the dinner is ready
after dinner i need to make sure the kitchen is tidy up
than i need to iron danish's clothes
and that's it
my day is end just like that

by the end of the day
i get so exhausted
big sigh
so it was wrong for you guys to think
that spend time at home is boring

in the future i want a robot to help me for my own house

Monday, October 24, 2011

believe it..this is me

below are my late grandfathers..:)

sometimes we need to see the past to imagine the future..haha

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"A guy and a girl can be just friends but at one point or another, they will fall in love for each other. Maybe temporarily. Maybe at the wrong time. Maybe too late. Or maybe forever. Or maybe you are not the one. And I think the answer is the last one." Syafiq Adli CK. Kasanova MIAT.

big sigh

Friday, October 21, 2011

i lost a great person

10 pm last night
arwah left me on friday night

'Orang yang meninggal dunia pada hari Jumaat akan terlepas soal jawab kubur hingga hari Kiamat.'

untung arwah
semoga dia ditempatkan di tempat2 org yg beriman
she is the best person i ever known


Wednesday, October 5, 2011