Friday, November 12, 2010

crying is lame

before I start..lets laugh about this
yeahh..believe or not I did cry just now
and it was unexpected haha
I meant crying in front of my roommates goshh
I never imagine that hurmm

kak syud ckp "alamak..dlm hati ade taman rupenya"
Im sorry ok!! I dunno how to impressed my feelings!!
and I really lame about all those mushy little feelings neh
for a joke I might be okayh..

so wanna know why I cried
I cried because of one of my roommate have to move to the other room
because her friend needs a company..
and unbelievable right
fatin!! you really cried because of her huh
haha..yupp i did..:p
I am bad on showing love or care on someone
but I admit the room will not be the same without her
even I always 'kenakan dia' haha

and I still can't believe I really cried for that small thing
n yet..who knows..I might actually crying for other things..
-______- and Im glad I did it..
its been awhile actually...haha

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