Wednesday, May 25, 2011

things had gone too far

I forgot my own rule
and again
what I did was a mistake
I have been too overwhelmed with my life
things had gone too far

I forgot who really I am
I dare to do something that is wrong
and because of that
my dad scold me
he said
"berani sgt buwat mcm tuh...malu kat orang laen..sume org tgk.."
ya Allah
if I could change things
I want to change what I have done right away
what I did was a big mistake
I hurts when seeing papa said all those things
but I can't accept if he hurts because of what I did

what matters more is my family
what ever it this
my parents come first
the one and only things that I want
is just to make them happy

I will die for anything just to make them smile

p/s: be prepare for any consequences..

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