Thursday, May 5, 2011

some people

a situation between owner of the house and a neighbour

neighbour: saya suke la akak buwat pagar tinggi..senang saya nk jemur cadar nnt

owner: ermm..sebenrnye saye buwat pagar tinggi neh sbb xnak bg jmur cadar tu larh..saye x brp suke la sbnrny..:)

neighbour:owhhh...alaa sekali sekala jew..

ehh makcikk neh...xreti bahase kew..
haihh...some people never understand
do you really want your neighbour hangs all their clothes at the gate of the house?
err excuse me..if you can notice we actually live in housing area
like daa...we are SHARING the gate
hey do give some respect la
we dont want our house looks like laundry store..come on larh

*pagi2 dh buwat entry..nk tunjuk bgn awl
i juz made a spaghetti bolognese for today..woot woot :p

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