Monday, January 2, 2012

my hero

he is amazing guy i ever known
papa take care of his family very well
especially his children

one of the things that i really proud with him
is the way he manage our school things
so tommorow is the first day of school
and as usual
he will take a day off from his work
for what?
well of course
he will send dnish adam to school
but not just send him
he will definitely make sure my brother will enter the right class
have a place to sit
and papa will stay at the school until recess (well,that is what he said)

and I asked him
until when u ar going to accompny him
standard six?
he said, until university
and he continue answered me
luckily ezzah is studying in the same school with mama

he doesn't do that to my bro only
it happened to me too
from the first day of my stndard one
he would stay outside of my class until recess
not just that
papa would also make sure that everything was perfect
my books, my stationary, my school shoes
and everynight he would helped me with my homework
and if i was so sleepy
papa will finished it for me heee

and those things are happening to my sister and my baby brother
papa is an awesome men huh
my school memory was great because of the helped of papa
and i can't never pay him that much even with money

to papa
keep being a great dad will ya?
we love you so much

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