Friday, December 30, 2011

new book

another great stories is going to happen in a new book
my momma is doing her phd rite now
and papa also decide to pursue his study in master
well for me, i'm going to start my degree this 31st jan 2012
and if this true
the whole family are busying with their studies huh

in my side
i guess this is a big challenge to me
if my parents can do it
if they can score in their studies
i definitely can do it too rite

well 2012 is coming
so i want to change few things
change to be a great muslimah with awesome jihad
change to be a great daughter with awesome attitude
change to be a great student with awesome result
change to be a great friend to my awesome and beloved friends

as this coming year
i wanna enjoy my time in uia
having a great time with my friends

and for 2012
i don't want to have any heartbreaking or any serious emmm
i just wanna have fun time being a 20 years old teenage girl


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