Saturday, December 25, 2010

hello people!!

I have a lot to write about but then I'm not sure how to start....
So first thing first, I'm HOME right (since I have 2 home, so im actually at terengganu..weee)
my last paper for midsem ended on last Thursday I went back to Kedah yesterday of course....siap skip kelas math lg..hehe
but the main thing I wanna share with u guys is...I went back with TRAIN...
(yupp..believe me..ank tcer teti dh pndai naek train..haha)
it was amazing and quite adventure but for sure it will be the first and last..hee
anyway thanks to nisa sbb sudi la kan blik ngn aku..lalala
and today my family and I went back to terengganu..but only for 2 days because of some reason

okayh2...lots of things had happened to me I'll just jot down here..:)

1) midsem is over..5 papers...and I have done my best..tawakal je la kan...
2) I got 29 over 30 for my arabic paper...haha suddenly miss SMA Khairiah
3) I went to OU and spent rm100 over....dont ask what have I bought
4) my bestfren's birthday....and I didn't buy her anything..(zie, aku bg kasih syg je la 4 ur bfday)
5) I found out that programming kind of hard enough..(dulu2 konon berangan nk jd programmer la sgt kn..haa amek kau)
6) One of my good friend at kedah was having operation because of she had to remove half of her fallopian tube...(qinah,sorry for not being there)
7) ermmmmm....dh abes kot

so thats all...xde la byk sgt
my holiday just starting...esk nk kluar dgn nazihan..hip2 hooray
n ade org tu pegi PD..haha enjoy your holidays k..

big smile for u
pen off

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