Sunday, March 2, 2014

Deep thought

Its 2014 and I am 22 years old.
Well, not official 22 yet but it still counts
And also right now, I'm in my 3rd year degree.
Throughout this three year in uia, I learnt lot of things
Not just from my studies, but also from my own life
I have seen most of my friends's life changes
And mostly it was a good change
And I am happy for them

How about my own life so far?
Well., my life did change
Not a major change but it still consider as a good change
Sometimes I feel good bout it
But there's the time I think I miss the old times
I miss to have a person to share it with
All those ups and downs
All the swing moods and happy moods
All the bad news and good news
All the late night calls and nonstop texts
The listener to all my stories or my whines
I just miss to have someone that actually care and worry bout me
But hey, don't get this wrong
I still have my incredible parents, family and my awesome friends
And they are always be with me
And I do love them so much
I just hope things will turn out quite different

1 comment:

  1. enjoy ur life there, while u still have the chance :')