Saturday, December 22, 2012

I am a miss 20 years old


its been waayyyyyyy to long since I post an entry. At some point, I was thinking of shutting down this blog. haha..nobody even cares. But than I remembered one of the reasons why I made this blog, I need to keep remind my self who I was and who I became. how lame and nerdy I am, how clueless I was in a few ways. Turns out I still am. haha

well, there's been a lot going on. I'm in my second same in my degree. Still struggling in this life and preparing for my final exam. My friend is getting married, which I still cannot believe that. I turned 20 last month and my heart is broken, which I trying to hold that.

Twenty years of my life. And what have I achieved?
                                    - I have the best parents and family
                                    -and I have a lots of friends who always with me
 and I would never trade that for anything. I'm happy with my life. and I'm still trying figuring out who I want to be, achieving in my studies and also keep waiting for the best man! hahaha
and pictures tell all>>


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