Thursday, November 17, 2011

make a wish

time flies faster than I thought
one day I woke up, I was so excited of my newborn brother
and that was seven years ago

one day I woke up,I was hanging out with my friends at SMAKH
and that was four years ago

one day I woke up, I was so nervous because of SPM exam
and that was two years ago

and today I woke up
I am nineteen

a lot of emotion happened
and because of that
tears can burst out

for all the wishes and doa
thank you so much
may ur life be blast

I may look like in secondary school
and yeah I can wear my 7 year old brother's slipper
my 14 year old sister might look more mature than me
but baby
I am so mature than the way I look (I guess so)

I have being alive for 19 years
I wish the best for my life and my family
I wish I never hurt anyone's feeling

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