Sunday, March 6, 2011

another nonsense entry

I have been at home for almost two weeks now
yeahh...if you ask me how I feel about my holiday..
I will say its kind of BORING..
because I know I will not going to work or do something

so actually I just wanna tell that
even how much boring I am being at home
I will not feel any regret
because of this guy

this guy really makes me feel appreciate
he really excited about me being at home
everywhere I go he will follow around
everything I done he will do it to
'kaklong cuti lame kew?'
'best la ade kaklong'
he always bought an ice cream for me
'ni ice cream danish, satu lg nih utk kaklong tau'
but then a few minutes later..'kalau kaklong xnk ice cream tu bg danish boleh' (sambil bwat muke abes comel) -______________________-
he even want to sleep wit me every nights
but then because of some reasons he cannot do that

I really do love him
if I could do, I wanna follow him to school
so that I can make sure that he will not going to be scold or snap with his so called teacher..
and also I will make sure he will eat very well at school
and I wanna always protect him from being bully with someone at school
but I know I just cant
I really want to protect him so much
because I think he is so much like me

haihh...I am so scared if one day he will crying alone at school because of scare
I just dont want my little brother hurt
and I guess I just too much right..huhh
I'm hope danish will be a tough boy

dear danish..
don't grow up so fast,will ya?

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