Saturday, February 5, 2011


dunno what should I write for this entry
anyway...its Chinese New Year
so Malaysian are on holiday
including me of course
but too bad I can't go home
neither back to pendang or kuala terengganu
plus there's only 4 days
so I guess it doesn't worthy at all
nanti penat je lebih
tapi tipu la kalau ckp sket pon xheran kalau xblik kan

turns out quite a lot of people who doesn't go home
so xde la rase seram ke hape ke kan
but then lights in the bathroom kind of freaky
dia idop segan mati xmau
kjap ad kjap xde
pelik aku..haihh

anyway this sunday I'm going out
but then I still didn't ask my parents yet
so I hope they give me a green light
wish me luck...

February is a special month
there are two person whom I love so much was born on this month
so sad bcoz I will not being there with them on the day itself

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