Tuesday, January 11, 2011

me and my nonsense

I'm the eldest in my family..
well..most people will think the eldest are more independent and strong
but I guess I am not like that..

I'm kind of person that depend on someone or something
I am depending on my parents and friends
and sometimes I really hate it
I really wanna be an independent daughter
but I dunno how

I am also not a strong person
fizikal n rohani saya tidaklah sekuat mana pon
I know I can be easily lost
and my character also can change easily

sometimes I scared people will hate me because of those reasons
I try to control and change it
but Im just some common girl

that's why I wish
my future husband will be more and more matured than me
so that he take care of me well
and lead me in the right way
so that I can be stronger muslim
and independent lady..

oh la di da...wonder what my mom will say if she read about this..haha
to those who know me..dont laugh
this is just one of my mind 'talking'..haha

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