Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sometimes I really dunno how to spill it
for me, there are something that we can share with people and there are something we might need to keep it in ourselves..
I'm not feeling very well..
not that I am sick..but I do feel kind of weird
and I hate it
I really am
but I dunno how to stop it

Sometimes I think I can't hold it anymore
I wanna to burst it out but I dunno for what
and sometimes I just wanna scream out loud for no reason
I proud to myself because I can pretend I'm okay to everyone around me
and I can smile and laugh with them
but the truth is, I'm actually not okay
and here I am
struggling with myself
so that people around me think I'm strong enough
I'm cool enough..I'm happy enough..
but deep down there
I'm kind of lost..lonely..and depressed

to those that might be knowing me..
forgive me..for hurting you all
<a big smile for all of you>

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